Mechanics of Composite Materials

, Volume 54, Issue 3, pp 321–332 | Cite as

Analysis of Torsional Waves in a Prestressed Composite Structure with Loosely Bonded and Corrugated Boundaries

  • S. A. SahuEmail author
  • M. K. Singh
  • K. K. Pankaj

A mathematical model is presented to describe the propagation of torsional surface waves in a corrugated loosely bonded orthotropic layer sandwiched between two initially stressed viscoelastic half-spaces. The dispersion relation in a closed form is obtained for the analytical model. It is found that the initial stress, hydrostatic stress, viscoelasticity, and the bonding and flatness parameters have a great effect on the phase velocity of torsional surface waves. The method of separation of variables is employed to obtain an analytical solution in the present study. Some particular cases are discussed, and it is found that the results obtained well agree with the classical Love wave equation. Numerical simulations have also been performed to show results of the present analytical study graphically.


corrugation loose bonding initial stress hydrostatic stress torsional wave 


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