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Companion and commentary on Alfred Wallace

Charles H. Smith, James T. Costa and David Collard (eds): An Alfred Russel Wallace companion. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2019, vi + 439 pp, US $60.00 HB
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Book Review

Scholarship devoted to Alfred Russel Wallace (the co-discoverer with Charles Darwin of the theory of evolution through natural selection) has certainly come of age. From being, for a considerable period, somewhat overshadowed by Darwin, in the last couple of decades Wallace has attracted several biographers, and compilations of his letters, and critical appraisals of his work have been published. This is entirely appropriate, as 2019 is the 150th Anniversary of the original publication of Wallace’s best known work—The Malay Archipelago. Some of these reflections were mentioned recently in these pages (Metascience

In view of this resurgence of interest of an individual who was in some ways a more interesting character than Darwin, it should not be a surprise that there has appeared a book with the title An Alfred Russel Wallace Companion. Readers familiar with Charles Darwin: A Companion(1978, second edition 2006) by R. B. Freeman, will...


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