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In search of respect: the struggles of Indonesian physicians against the Dutch colonialists, Indonesian despots, and the agents of global health

Hans Pols: Nurturing Indonesia: medicine and decolonisation in the Dutch East Indies. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018, 302 pp, AUD$136.95 HB
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Book Review

Over the past 30 years, historians of medicine have published fascinating research about disease and health care in colonial and postcolonial settings. Important examples include David Arnold (Colonizing the Body, 1993), Warwick Anderson (Colonial Pathologies, 2006), Sunil Amrith (Decolonizing International Health, 2006), and Sean Hsiang-Lin Lei (Neither Donkey Nor Horse, 2014)—and these just scratch the surface. Many scholars have focused on the interaction between colonial health services and colonized populations, from Foucauldian analyses of medicine as a regime of surveillance and discipline, to recent work that emphasizes resistance and the agency of local populations. In Nurturing Indonesia,Pols extends this work and provides a history of political activism by indigenous physicians in the Dutch East Indies and Indonesia. He traces the remarkable careers of these men, some of whom played significant roles in the emergence of independent Indonesia. But the final message,...


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