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Going up?

Karen Bennett: Making things up. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017, 260 pp, $60.00HB
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Book Review

Karen Bennett’s Making Things Up is a well-written, engaging, and meaningful contribution to the ever-growing literature on metaphysical grounding and fundamentality. Bennett’s thesis is that there exists a resemblance class of metaphysical relations, building relations. Building relations share three common characteristics: directedness, necessitation, and generativity.

Chapter 1 offers a brief introduction and survey of the book as a whole. In Chapter 2, Bennett identifies six metaphysical relations as “canonical examples” of building relations: composition, constitution, set formation, realization, microbased determination, and grounding (31). Bennett then outlines her method in Chapter 3. She emphasizes that building is a resemblance class, not exhausted by the six relations identified above. There might be other building relations outside of those six. She then characterizes the three common features of the building family. First, directness is shorthand for irreflexive and...



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