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Philosophy in the age of science

J. Beale and I. J. Kidd, Eds.: Wittgenstein and scientism. Routledge, 2017, 232pp, $140 HB
  • Mariam ThalosEmail author
Book Review

We speak of certain views as characterized by scientism, conceived as a kind of disproportionate veneration of the methods or products of science when compared with those of other forms of intellectual or scholarly inquiry and activity. What does this disproportionate veneration amount to, and what are its knock-on effects? Scientism, as a quality of one’s overall worldview or simply as a quality of mind, has recently come under a great deal of scrutiny and debate, in and out of the academy, particularly after disparaging comments about the value of philosophy as a discipline were publicly shared by a rogue’s gallery of high-profile scientists with only the most marginal acquaintance with philosophical work. The catalogue is extensive (cf. Pigliucci 2017). Nonetheless it can be readily agreed that “there is no fact of the matter about what scientism is, only facts about what different sets of people take scientism to be; and … there is much disagreement across these sets.” (Ross 2017,...


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