Calculation and Analysis of the Relationship Between the Efficiency and Position of Electric Arcs and Power Consumption in Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) of Smaller and Larger Capacity. Part I. Calculation and Analysis of the Relationship Between Arc Efficiency and Power Consumption

  • A. N. MakarovEmail author

The arc efficiency and specific power consumption were calculated and analyzed for the small (1.5 to 20 tons) and large (100 to 120 tons) capacity electric arc furnaces. In the small-capacity furnaces, the increased specific power consumption for melting the furnace charge (475 to 500 kW · h/t) is associated with low arc efficiency (0.55 to 0.57). In the large-capacity furnaces, the arc efficiency is 0.78 to 0.8 and specific power consumption is 360 to 375 kW · h/t.


electric arc furnace steel thermal radiation efficiency power consumption 


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