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Cold-Resistant Steels for the Arctic

  • K. A. Ponurova
Within the scope of the 24th International Industrial exhibition “Metal Expo” a round table was held in the seminar hall on the theme “Cold-resistant steels for the Arctic. Questions of cold resistant steels for cold-bent thin-walled open and closed sections having bent zones.” The organizer was the Mel’nikov ZAO TsNIIPSK. The following themes were discussed:
  • Problems of impact strength testing for thin-walled sections and thick-walled sections in thicknesses up to 6 mm;

  • Packaged impact specimens for testing impact strength of thin-walled sections;

  • Questions and tasks for planning solutions for cold-bent thin-walled open and closed sections.

The round table moderator was the director of the Mel’nikov ZAO TsNIIPSK, doctor of technical sciences Vitalii Mikhailovich Goritskii.

Papers were presented by: V. M. Goritskii “Steels for thin-walled open and closed sections prepared by thermomechanical treatment technology” and Deputy Head of Science management of NITU MISiS Candidate of...

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  • K. A. Ponurova
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  1. 1.Mel’nikov ZAO TsNIIPSK (Central Scientific-Research Institute of Underground Building)MoscowRussia

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