Features of Formation and Properties of Titanium–Aluminum System Laminated Composite Materials with Different Silicon Content

  • A. I. KovtunovEmail author
  • S. V. Myamin
  • Yu. Yu. Khokhlov

Formation of laminated composite materials of titanium-aluminum and titanium-foam aluminum are the most promising. The adhesive strength of layers of composite material is determined by conditions for formation of an adhesive bond between them, and wetting and spreading of liquid aluminum over titanium. Aluminum-silicon alloys are used most extensively as cast aluminum alloys.

Research is conducted for wetting and spreading of aluminum alloyed with silicon over titanium under conditions for forming laminated aluminum-titanium composite materials with surface activation of titanium with fluoride fluxes based on the KF–AlF3 system of eutectic concentration (Nocoloc flux), K2TiF6, and K2ZrF6. The effect is established for flux composition, melt temperature and silicon content in the aluminum melt on the spreading area of aluminum over titanium, wetting strength, and adhesive strength of aluminum and titanium.


aluminum laminated composite materials foam aluminum titanium silicon activating flux wetting spreading adhesive strength alloying aluminum melt transition layer intermetallic phase 


Work was performed with financial support of the RF Ministry of Education and Science within the scope of a state assignment No. 11.6065.2017/8.9.


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  • A. I. Kovtunov
    • 1
    Email author
  • S. V. Myamin
    • 1
  • Yu. Yu. Khokhlov
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  1. 1.FGBOU VO Tol’yatti State UniversityTol’yattiRussia

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