DAHA and skein algebra of surfaces: double-torus knots

  • Kazuhiro HikamiEmail author


We study a topological aspect of rank-1 double-affine Hecke algebra (DAHA). Clarified is a relationship between the DAHA of \(A_1\)-type (resp. \(C^\vee C_1\)-type) and the skein algebra on a once-punctured torus (resp. a 4-punctured sphere), and the \(SL(2;\mathbb {Z})\) actions of DAHAs are identified with the Dehn twists on the surfaces. Combining these two types of DAHA, we construct the DAHA representation for the skein algebra on a genus-two surface, and we propose a DAHA polynomial for a double-torus knot, which is a simple closed curve on a genus-two Heegaard surface in \(S^3\). Discussed is a relationship between the DAHA polynomial and the colored Jones polynomial.


Knot Colored Jones polynomial Double-affine Hecke algebra Skein algebra Macdonald polynomial Askey–Wilson polynomial 

Mathematics Subject Classification

57M27 57M25 20C08 33D52 57M60 81R12 



The author would like to thank H. Fuji, A.N. Kirillov, and H. Murakami for communications and comments on a draft of the manuscript. A part of this work was presented at the workshop “Volume Conjecture in Tokyo” on August 2018, celebrating the 60th birthday of Jun Murakami and Hitoshi Murakami. Thanks to the organizers and the participants. This work is supported in part by KAKENHI JP16H03927, JP17K05239, JP17K18781.


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