Correction to: A Deep-Learning-Based Geological Parameterization for History Matching Complex Models

  • Yimin LiuEmail author
  • Wenyue Sun
  • Louis J. Durlofsky

1 Correction to: Math Geosci

Fig. 18

Statistics of cumulative field oil and water production at the end of the simulation from (new) SGeMS models, O-PCA models, and CNN-PCA models. a Cumulative oil production CDFs and b cumulative water production CDFs

In the original paper, the units noted on the x-axes in Fig. 17a and b are incorrect. The corrected Fig. 17 shown below displays the CDF results in units of \(10^{6}\hbox { m}^{3}\). These plots are consistent with those in Fig. 16 in the original paper, where rates are plotted in units of \(\hbox {m}^{3}/\hbox {d}\). This unit correction does not alter any of the observations regarding the performance of CNN-PCA and O-PCA.

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