Dispersion of Love waves in size-dependent substrate containing finite piezoelectric and viscoelastic layers

  • Richa Goyal
  • Satish KumarEmail author


The dispersion properties of Love waves are utilized for the fabrication of sensor devices in the different material environments. This study involves the propagation of Love wave in a double-layered structure consisting of two finite layers of viscoelastic and piezoelectric material lying over the semi-infinite size-dependent micropolar substrate. The bottom substrate of the structure is modeled as, the material with microstructural properties. The real and damping dispersion relations are obtained analytically in closed form expression under both the cases of electrically open and short conditions. The coupling constant and characteristic length that describe the effect of the microstructure of the micropolar substrate, are studied graphically on Love wave propagation. The effects of piezoelectric layer are shown by considering two different materials of a piezoelectric layer, i.e., \(PZT-5H\) or \(BaTiO_3\), along with the internal friction and heterogeneity parameter associated with a viscoelastic layer. The numerical computation and the graphs are given for aluminium-epoxy (substrate), viscoelastic material and \(PZT-5H\) or \(BaTiO_3\) (piezoelectric layer). Some of the particular cases are derived from the study by using different relevant conditions.


Love wave Piezoelectricity Viscoelastic Micropolar Heterogeneity Characteristic length Dispersion relations 



The authors gratefully acknowledge the support of following Indian government research agency: DST (Department of science and technology) via Grant no:- EMR/ 2016/002601.

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