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Analysis of Cattaneo–Christov theory for unsteady flow of Maxwell fluid over stretching cylinder

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Analysis of thermal and solutal energy transport phenomena in Maxwell fluid flow with the help of Cattaneo–Christov double diffusion theory is performed in this article. Unsteady 2D flow of Maxwell fluid with variable thermal conductivity over the stretching cylinder is considered here. We formulate the partial differential equations (PDEs) under given assumptions for the governing physical problem of heat and mass transport in Maxwell fluid by using double diffusion of Cattaneo–Christov model rather than classical Fourier’s and Fick’s law. Numerical technique bvp4c is employed for the solution of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) which are obtained from governing PDEs under the appropriate similarity transformations. In the view of acquired results, we observed that for convenient results the values of unsteadiness parameter should be less than one. The higher values of Maxwell parameter declines the flow field but increase the energy transport in the fluid flow. Both temperature and concentration distributions in Maxwell liquid decline for higher values of thermal and concentration relaxation time parameter. Moreover, small thermal conductivity parameter also enhances the temperature field. The validation of results is proved with the help of comparison Table 1 with previous articles. The present results are found with help of bvp4c scheme and homotopy analysis method (HAM).

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  • Transient flow
  • Cattaneo–Christov model
  • Maxwell fluid
  • Variable thermal conductivity
  • Bvp4c