EDITORIAL 2020: Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

  • Imre Miklós SzilágyiEmail author
  • Alfréd Kállay-Menyhárd
  • Sophie Korda

Dear Readers,

2019 was an exciting year in the life of our Journal and we would like to thank all of you for your contributions as Authors, Reviewers, Consultants as well as Associate, Honorary, and Guest Editors. We are grateful to you, because your high-quality work is the guarantee for the success of our Journal.

It is a great news that the impact factor for 2019 was 2.471, which is ca. 12% increase compared to the previous year. Although the impact factor for 2018 was already a new record for the Journal, the impact factor for 2019 has surpassed it even considerably more. The value of this impact factor increase is even higher, taking into account that the number of papers published is growing year by year.

Several special issues were published in 2019. We continued our long-term tradition and selected papers presented at international conferences (ICHMT2017, CTAS2017, ICTAES2018, ESTAC12, AICAT2018, XICBRATEC, NATAS2018, CCTA13) were published in JTAC in 2019. As a novelty, a topical special issue on nanofluids (Nanofluid Today) appeared, which was made open access for 2 months, as a courtesy of SpringerNature. This special issue was very popular with nearly 300 papers submitted and more than 100 papers published.

The classification of the manuscripts submitted to our Journal is presented in Fig. 1. We are very happy that the number of manuscript submitted in 2019 is expected to be around 3100 pieces. This is a huge number, and it means ca. 20% increase, compared to 2018. This shows that the journal is becoming even more and more popular in the field of thermal analysis and calorimetry, and thermal science in general. This steep increase, however, is accompanied by new challenges for the future. The most difficult task will be the significant improvement in the average progress time of the submitted manuscripts, but our team is committed to solve this issue in the forthcoming years.
Fig. 1

Classifications of the manuscripts submitted to our Journal in 2019

2019 was a very special year; it was the 50th anniversary of the Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. We celebrated it with a conference in Budapest, Hungary, where JTAC was founded and where also the first commercial simultaneous TG/DTA device of the world, the famous Derivatograph, was developed.

This was the second edition of our international conference series on thermal analysis and calorimetry, the Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry Conference (JTACC). During the five decades of publishing, a global community formed around JTAC, and with this conference we wished to create an opportunity, where our editorial board, authors, reviewers, supporters, and all those who were interested in this wonderful field could meet personally.

Accordingly, the 2nd Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry Conference and 7th V4 (Joint Czech–Hungarian–Polish–Slovakian) Thermoanalytical Conference JTACC+V4 were held in Budapest, Hungary, June 18–21, 2019. Beside tradition, innovation was also present, e.g. electronic poster sessions, conference mobile application, online question and answer part after lectures using, online participant map, etc. At the conference, we had a special workshop, where we could plan the future of JTAC together with you. The Journal’s 50th birthday was also celebrated with a festive gala dinner at the Royal Palace of Gödöllő, featured with JTAC birthday cake, JTAC quiz, Hungarian folkdance show with dance teaching afterwards, and party. The conference was a large success, and there were 30% more registered (530) participants compared to JTACC 2017, from which around 350 people were on site, making JTACC-V4 2019 one of the largest thermal analysis conferences of the recent decades.

During the conference, our prestigious awards, i.e. the JTAC Scientific Excellence Award, the JTAC Young Scientist Award, and the JTAC Best Reviewer Award, were handed over. The organizing committee assigned the JTAC Scientific Excellence Award to Prof. Barbara Pacewska of the Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) for her outstanding contribution to the development of thermal analysis and calorimetry and for the significant service provided during the years to the community of JTAC. The JTAC Young Scientist Award was given to Dr. Alexander Bannov from the Novosibirsk State Technical University (Russia), who delivered an excellent lecture about the thermal properties of nanostructured carbon materials. The JTAC Best Reviewer Award for the year 2018 was assigned to Prof. Joan Josep Suñol (University of Girona, Spain) for his contribution to improve the quality of JTAC by providing an outstanding number of review reports. Furthermore, by the support of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (Hungary) JTACC-V4 assigned numerous JTAC and V4 travel grants in order to enable bright and young scientists to attend the JTACC-V4 2019 meeting and thus motivate them to keep a continuing interest and activity in the fields of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry.

In 2019, several changes were made to increase further the quality of our journal and to please our authors. To reply to the growing popularity of JTAC, we increased the number of papers published, from ca. 850 (2018) to 1050 (2019), which is more than 20% increase. We introduced new associate editors, especially from the emerging fields of nanofluids, heat transfer, energy, and exergy. Encouraged by the success of the Nanofluid Today special issue, several more topical special issues were initiated in 2019 in the journal.

Finally, we are sad to report that some great researchers have passed away recently, who made groundbreaking steps in thermal analysis and who also contributed significantly to the success of the now 50-year-old JTAC. We are indebted to them to a very large extent. In March 2020, we are going to publish a series of obituaries about these outstanding scientists.

As a closing remark, we would like to wish all our contributors a Very Happy and Successful New Year for 2019.

Imre Miklós Szilágyi


Alfréd Kállay-Menyhárd

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Sophie Korda

Head of Editorial Office


The Editors of the Journal are thankful to the Regional Editors and members of the Associate Editors for their work throughout the past year. We would like to express our special thanks to those referees listed below for their hard work and for the time and expertise they invested to improve the scientific level of the manuscripts. Their work is invaluable in terms of scientific advancement and in providing a constant dynamic forum where all scientists from all over the world can find a professional team helping, educating and inspiring.

Abadeh, A., Iran

Abate, L., Italy

Abatti, L., Brazil

Abbasi, S., Iran

Abbasian Arani, A. A., Iran

Abd El-Ghany, N. A. E.-F., Egypt

Abd Rahim, S., Malaysia

Abdel Gawwad, H., Egypt

Abdelouahed, L., France

Abdulagatov, I., Russian Federation

Abedini-Nassab, R., Iran

Abo Zeid, E. F., Egypt

Achilias, D. S., Greece

Acıkkalp, E., Turkey

Afrand, M., Iran

Afshari, E., Iran

Agarwal, R., India

Agrawal, C., India

Ahmad Hazmi, A. S., Malaysia

Ahmadi Khoshooei, M., Canada

Ahmadi Nadooshan, A., Iran

Ahmadi, M. H., Iran

Ahmed, M. A., Iraq

Akbar, A., Bangladesh

Akbari Fakhrabadi, E., USA

Akbari, M., Iran

Aktas, A., Turkey

Alamo, R., USA

Albu, P. A., Romania

Aleixo, M. L., Brazil

Alekseeva, O. V., Russian Federation

Alex, T. C., India

Alhuyi Nazari, M., Iran

Ali, F., India

Ali, F., Vietnam

Ali, H. M., Saudi Arabia

Ali, M. K. A., Egypt

Ali, S., Italy

Ali, W., India

Allakbakhsh, A., Iran

Allen, N., USA

Alongi, J., Italy

Alonso, A., Spain

Alsabery, A., Malaysia

Al-Sammarraie, A., USA

Alshehri, S. M., Saudi Arabia

Altın, S., Turkey

Alves Rocha, E. P., Brazil

Aly, K. A. N., Egypt

Amani, M., Iran

Amanuel, S., USA

Amaranatha Reddy, D., China

Amin, M. E.-S., Egypt

Amiri Delouei, A., Iran

Amiri, A., Canada

Amiri, A., Malaysia

Amiri, H., Iran

Amiri-Jaghargh, A., Iran

Amitava, B., India

An, W., China

Anand, S., India

Ananth, Dr. V., P., India

Andrade, H. M. C., Brazil

Andrew Pon Abraham, J. D., India

Anghel, E. M., Romania

Angulski da Luz, C., Brazil

Anikina, E. Y., Russian Federation

Anjanapura, R. V., India

Antonovic, V., Lithuania

Ao, W., China

Arai, M., Japan

Arat, H., Turkey

Arena, G., Italy

Armaghani, T., Iran

Arora, C., India

Arsalane, S., Morocco

Arshad, A., UK

Arslan, O., Turkey

Artiaga, R., Spain

Arvizu, M. A., Mexico

Asabina, E. A., Russian Federation

Asadi, A. A., Iran

Assael, M. J., Greece

Ataíde, C. H., Brazil

Atakol, M., Turkey

Atangana, A., South Africa

Atapek, Ş. Hakan, Turkey

Atiqullah, M., Saudi Arabia

Atrooz, O., Jordan

Awad, M. M., Egypt

Aydin, T., Turkey

Aydogdu, V., Turkey

Aytar, A., Turkey

Ayyasamy, T., India

Azhagurajan, A., India

Aziz, A., Pakistan

Azwadi CheSidik, N., Malaysia

Babaie Rabiee, M., Iran

Baby, R., India

Bachaga, T., Tunisia

Badea, E., Italy

Badea, M. E., Romania

Baghaie, S., Iran

Bahiraei, M., Iran

Bai Wang, S., China

Bai, J., China

Bakic, G., Serbia

Bakri, B., Algeria

Balandin, A., USA

Balasubramanian, D., India

Balkose, D., Turkey

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Baltakys, K., Lithuania

Balu, R., India

Banach, G., Brazil

Baniamerian, Z., Iran

Bannov, A. G., Russian Federation

Barabás, R., Romania

Baranyi, L., Hungary

Bárdos, T., Hungary

Barta Holló, B., Serbia

Bartyzel, A., Poland

Baruah, S. D., India

Barzegar, M., Iran

Barzegarian, R., Iran

Batista, R. M., Brazil

Bauer, J., Poland

Bayareh, M., Iran

Bayer Ozturk, Z., Turkey

Bazri, S., Malaysia

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Belina, P., Czech Republic

Bellos, E., Greece

Benchikhi, M., Morocco

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Bernardi, L. S., Brazil

Bharadwaj, S., India

Bhattacharyya, A., India

Bhattad, A., India

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Dou, Y., China

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Hussein, A., Iraq

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Jabari Moghadam, A., Iran

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Jafarian, A., Iran

Jafaryar, M., Iran

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Jia, S., China

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Jiang, J., China

Jiang, L., China

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Kirichenko, O., Russian Federation

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László, K., Hungary

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Lazzarotto, M., Brazil

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Lehto, V.-P., Finland

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Lerchner, J., Germany

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Li, D., China

Li, G., USA

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Li, J., China

Li, L., China

Li, P., China

Li, Q., China

Li, S., China

Li, Y., China

Li, Z., China

Liao, S., China

Liao, Y. G., China

Liaw, H.-J., Taiwan

Lijie, I., China

Lim, A. R., Korea

Lima, C. R. R. de C., Brazil

Lin, B., China

Lin, C.-P., Taiwan

Lin, Y., China

Liska, M., Slovakia

Lisnyak, V. V., Ukraine

Liu Z.-H., China

Liu, C., China

Liu, G., China

Liu, H., China

Liu, J., China

Liu, J.-Z., China

Liu, L., China

Liu, L.-L., China

Liu, P., China

Liu, P.-J., China

Liu, Q.-S., China

Liu, R., China

Liu, S., China

Liu, W., China

Liu, X., China

Liu, Y., China

Liu, Y.-W., China

Liu, Z., China

Lobo, B., India

Lochab, B., India

Logvinenko, V. A., Russian Federation

Lomello, M., France

Lomonaco, D., Brazil

Lorenc, J., Poland

Lőrinczy, D., Hungary

Lu, C.-M., China

Lu, P., China

Lu, S., China

Lu, X., China

Lu, Z., China

Lublóy, É. E., Hungary

Luche, J., France

Lujaji, F. C., Tanzania

Luo, Y., China

Lura, P., Switzerland

Luyt, A. S., Qatar

Łyszczek, R., Poland

Lyon, R. E., USA

Lysenko, E., Russian Federation

Ma, H., China

Ma, S., China

Ma, X., China

Ma, Z., China

Maaten, B., Estonia

Mabood, F., Canada

Macan, J., Croatia

Machireddy, G. R., India

Madarász, J., Hungary

Madej, D., Poland

Magdalena, A. G., Brazil

Mahanthesh, B., India

Mahapatra, P. S., India

Maheswaram, M. P. K., USA

Mahian, O., Thailand

Mahmud, S., Canada

Mai, K., China

Majlingová, A., Slovakia

Majoni, S., Botswana

Makhlouf, G. A., Egypt

Makinde, O. D. I., South Africa

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Rashad, A., Egypt

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Rostamian, S. H., Iran

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Rotaru, A., Romania

Rotaru, P., Romania

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Roy, S., India

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Rybinski, P., Poland

Rycerz, L., Poland

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Sadri, R., Malaysia

Safaei, M. R., Vietnam

Safaei, M., Vietnam

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Said, Z., United Arab Emirates

Saito, K., Japan

Sajid, M. U., Pakistan

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Salami-Kalajahi, M., Iran

Sałasińska, K., Poland

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Salih, A., India

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Sharma, S., India

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Sheikholeslami, Z., Iran

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Shi, Y., China

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Zhu, F., China

Zhu, M., Australia

Zhu, M., China

Zhu, M., USA


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Imre Miklós Szilágyi
    • 1
    Email author
  • Alfréd Kállay-Menyhárd
    • 2
  • Sophie Korda
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of Inorganic and Analytical ChemistryBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsBudapestHungary
  2. 2.Department of Physical Chemistry and Materials ScienceBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsBudapestHungary
  3. 3.Akadémiai KiadóBudapestHungary

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