The influence of adding marble and granite dust on the mechanical and physical properties of PP composites

  • A. H. AwadEmail author
  • Ahmed W. Abdel-Ghany
  • Ayman A. Abd El-Wahab
  • Ramadan El-Gamasy
  • Mohamed Hazem Abdellatif


The purpose of this work is to investigate the opportunity of re-using M&G wastes to get novel PP composites. Recycling of marble and granite (M&G) wastes has the advantage of cost reduction and eco-friendly production. M&G productions generate a large amount of wastes. The handling of such wastes by incorporating them into a polymer is a practical solution for waste management. These composites can be utilized in several applications to produce low-cost products. The effect of the mass percentage of marble and granite dust on several mechanical and physical properties was examined. The mechanical (pin load behavior) and physical (thermal, water absorption and density) properties of PP composites were investigated using 0–50 mass% M&G dust particles. Adding M&G wastes increases the onset temperature.


Marble and Granite dust PP DTA DTG DLS Pin load TMA Density Water absorption 



Great acknowledgment is due to the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, for the technical support. The author would like to thank Dr. A.M. Abd El-Aziz, Eng. H. A. AbdelDaim, Eng. Marwan Faisal and Eng. Hussien K. Zahran for their advice and comments.


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