Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry

, Volume 322, Issue 2, pp 663–676 | Cite as

Nanocomposite of polyaniline functionalized Tafla: synthesis, characterization, and application as a novel sorbent for selective removal of Fe(III)

  • Mostafa M. HamedEmail author
  • A. M. Shahr El-Din
  • E. A. Abdel-Galil


A novel PAn/Tafla nanocomposite was fabricated by the polymerization of aniline in a suspension of nano-sized Tafla using ployvinyl alcohol as a surfactant. The physicochemical characteristics including pH titration, chemical stability, and thermal stability of nanocomposite were examined. Sorption behavior of PAn/Tafla nanocomposite towards Fe(III), U(VI), Th(IV), La(III), and Ce(III) from aqueous solutions has been studied. This study revealed that the new nanocomposite is highly selective for Fe(III) ions rather than U(VI), Th(IV), La(III), and Ce(III) ions. The breakthrough capacity obtained from column study was equal to 190.0 mg/g. The new nanocomposite was applied successfully for purification of lanthanides leachate liquor.


Nanocomposite Chromatographic separation Uranium Thorium Lanthanides Iron Low-grade monazite 



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