Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry

, Volume 322, Issue 2, pp 399–406 | Cite as

In situ determination of 238Pu in the presence of uranium by triple quadrupole ICP-MS (ICP-QQQ-MS)

  • Ling Ying Diane TiongEmail author
  • Shimin Tan


In this work, a direct determination of 238Pu determination using reactive gases, CO2 and H2 in triple quadrupole ICP-MS without prior radiochemical separation resins has been established. Quantification of 0.25 pg/mL 238Pu sample mixture (1.18 pg of 238Pu) yielded satisfactory results (> 95% accuracy), uncertainties of less than 15% and in the presence of spiked natural U (0.5 ng/mL). Additional verification of this method was performed using certified ratio materials (IRMM-086, Belgium) and experimental 238Pu/239Pu and 240Pu/239Pu values are analogous to the certified values provided.


Triple quadrupole inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry Plutonium Uranium Isobaric interferences Nuclear forensics 



The authors gratefully acknowledge the research funding provided by National Research Foundation, Singapore (NRF). The authors are grateful to Dr. Pong Boon Kin and Dr. Ho Mer Lin, Doris from DSO National Laboratories, Singapore for their fruitful discussions given at the beginning of this work.

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  1. 1.Singapore Nuclear Research and Safety InitiativeNational University of SingaporeSingaporeSingapore

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