Crystal structure and spectral properties of Np(VI) and U(VI) methanesulfonates

  • Grigory AndreevEmail author
  • Nina Budantseva
  • Aleksander Fedoseev


A new U(VI) complex with methanesulfonic acid was obtained [UO2(OH)(CH3SO3)]. Its crystal structure was determined using X-ray single crystal diffractometry. The compound crystallizes in P21/n space group. Main crystallographic data: a = 8.6825(6) Å, b = 8.0551(6) Å, c = 8.9298(7) Å, β = 102.162(1)˚, V = 610.52(8) Å3, Z = 4. Compound has a layered structure, with hydroxyl ions being bridging bidentate ligands and anions of methanesulfonic acid playing the role of bridging tridentate ligands. Np(VI) complex [NpO2(CH3SO3)2(H2O)], was also obtained and found to be isostructural to previously studied 1D polymorph of [UO2(CH3SO3)2(H2O)]. Main crystallographic data: space group P21/c, a = 11.2415(3) Å, b = 7.9174(2) Å, c = 10.8772(3) Å, β = 99.656(1)˚, V = 954.39(4)Å3, Z = 4. IR and UV–VIS–NIR spectra confirm structures of the compounds.


Actinides Neptunium Uranium Crystal structure Spectroscopy 



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