Correction to: Primary standardization of the massic activity of a 233Pa solution

  • R. FitzgeraldEmail author
  • L. Pibida

Correction to: Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry (2018) 318:149–155

In the original publication, the value “2.361·104 Bq g−1” in the sentence “The final LTAC 233Pa massic activity at the reference time of 27 June 2017 15:50 PDT was 2.361·104 Bq g−1 with a combined standard uncertainty of 0.33%.” under the heading “4πβ-γ anticoincidence measurements” should be read as “2.632·104 Bq g−1”.

Also, in the original publication, the value “1.471·10−10” in the sentence “By combining the 4πβ-γ anticoincidence result with the evaluated half-life of 233Pa (26.98 ± 0.02) d, and Avogadro’s number, we obtain a concentration of the measured 233Pa atom mole concentration at the reference date of 1.471·10−10 mol/kg with a combined standard uncertainty of 0.34%.” under the heading “Discussion” should be read as “1.470·10−10 mol/kg”.


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