Fast and accurate simultaneous quantification of strontium-90 and yttrium-90 using liquid scintillation counting in conjunction with the Bateman equation

  • Kevin John Swearingen
  • Nathalie A. WallEmail author


A derivation of the Bateman equation combined with successive liquid scintillation counting measurements was used to rapidly determine accurate individual activities of 90Sr and 90Y in samples containing both isotopes regardless of the sample age. This method does not require chemical separation of Sr from Y or waiting for secular equilibrium to take place. Accurate data can be obtained within 3 half-lives of 90Y ingrowth (i.e. within 5 days), associated uncertainties with this method are comparable to those obtained with traditional techniques that include separations. This novel technique allows for decreased sample processing cost and time, without reducing data quality.


Bateman equation Sr-90 Y-90 Liquid scintillation 



This work was supported by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Basic Research Award #HDTRA1-12-1-0015, to Washington State University.


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