Removal of strontium from aqueous solutions by acrylamide-modified attapulgite

  • Rui Zuo
  • Li MengEmail author
  • Xin Guan
  • Jinsheng Wang
  • Jie Yang
  • Yuanhui Lin


Removal of Sr(II) with acrylamide modified attapulgite (AMATP) from aqueous solutions was investigated. The AMATP was characterized by XRD, SEM and FTIR and the pH with Sr(II) initial concentration were controlling factors for Sr(II) sorption process. The inhibitory effects of coexisting ions have the order as Ca2+ > Mg2+ > Na+. The sorption process of Sr(II) on AMATP was spontaneous and endothermic and followed the pseudo second-order sorption model and fit well with the Langmuir isotherm. Owing to its high sorption capacity and low cost, AMATP can be a promising candidate for Sr(II) sorption removal.


Acrylamide modified attapulgite Sr(II) sorption pH Ionic strength Sorption thermodynamic 



This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 41672228) and the Major Science and Technology Program for Water Pollution Control and Treatment (2014ZX07201-010).

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  1. 1.College of Water SciencesBeijing Normal UniversityBeijingChina
  2. 2.Engineering Research Center of Groundwater Pollution Control and RemediationMinistry of EducationBeijingChina

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