Indoor radon and thoron concentrations in the pyramides of Teotihuacan

  • P. Gonzalez


This paper presents radon and thoron concentrations measured in the prehispanic tunnel of the Sun Pyramid and in the archeological tunnel 1 in the Moon Pyramid. Radon and thoron concentrations were measured using several electret passive environmental radon monitor (E-PERM) configurations and detection systems. Results were in good agreement with no significant difference (P<0.01). Radon concentration in both pyramids was 1ower than the action levels proposed by the ICRP 65. Therefore, the equivalent effective dose (HE) calculated for the highest concentration was much lower than the action level (3-10 mSv. y-1). A quality assurance program was improved.


Pyramid Radon Concentration Thoron Indoor Radon Quality Assurance Program 


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