Airborne activities of gross beta, 7Be, and 131I in New York

  • E. A. Gillen


Gross beta (GB) activities were determined weekly for 13 years from filtered atmospheric aerosols, at 10 locations throughout New York State. Concentrations varied similarly among the sites and ranged from 0.03 to 1.5 mBq/m3. A comparison of variations with time and location were evaluated with respect to meteorological factors. Cosmogenic beryllium (7Be) concentrations were determined on 3-month composites of air filters and weekly in fallout at one site. The air filters nearly always contained observable activity (mean of 2.9 mBq/m3), while fallout activities were generally below the analytical detection limits. The seasonal variation of 7Be concentration in the atmosphere was similar at all locations and correlated with meteorological parameters. Concentrations of radioiodine (131I) were determined weekly on charcoal canisters at four sites. Only one site showed observable 131I activity (mean of 1.2 mBq/m3), due to the nearby incineration of dried municipal sludge. The source of the observed 131I was likely waste from hospital treatments.


Radon Analytical Detection Limit County Health Department Municipal Sludge Fallout Sample 


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  • E. A. Gillen
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