Journal of Polymer Research

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In-situ PMMA modified p-cresol resin-nylon 6 polymer blends and evaluation of their hydrophobic and dielectric properties

  • Thiruvengadam Vedamurthy
  • Malathi MurugesanEmail author


The synthesis of PMMA modified p-Cresol resin-nylon 6 blends by the in-situ polymer blending in various proportion is described. These new polymer blends has been characterized by FT-IR, DSC-TGA, SEM, and screened for the hydrophobic, mechanical and dielectric properties. The blended materials exhibit good thermal stability and increased hydrophobic nature. Compressive stress and the strain study show that the blends have improved mechanical property. The frequency dependent dielectric property of the blend has been lowered. Thus, PMMA modified p-Cresol resin-nylon 6 blends could be used as a potential material for the fabrication of electronic device application.


p-cresol resin Nylon 6 PMMA Hydrophobic Dielectric property 



We gratefully acknowledge the Defense Research and Development Organization [DRDO]-INDIA for the financial support [Project. No: ERIP/ER/1203109/M/01/1502]. We also gratefully acknowledge Prof. K. K. Balasubramanian, INSA Senior Scientist, Dept. of Biotechnology, IIT Madras for his kind help and valuable suggestions.


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