Naomi Glenn-Levin Rodriguez: Fragile Families: Foster Care, Immigration, and Citizenship

University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, PA, 2017, 232 pp, ISBN 9780812249385
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Naomi Glenn-Levin Rodriguez, in Fragile Families: Foster Care, Immigration, and Citizenship, explores the intersectionality between the child welfare system and the immigration system within the United States, and how these structures are facilitated by actors such as social workers, biological and foster parents, as well as local and federal governments. Working as an intern for the Esperanza Foster Family Agency in San Diego, Rodriguez focuses on the experiences of Latina/o families enmeshed within the San Diego-Tijuana welfare systems. She elaborates on the discretion exercised by individuals in the foster care system and the outcome of this discretion on involved parties, i.e. foster and biological parents, and children. Her book also encompasses an overarching theme of correlation between the child welfare system and immigration status, as detention and deportation paired with racializing processes and structural inequality position certain families as more likely to find...


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  1. Rodriguez, N.G-L. (2017). Fragile families: foster care, immigration, and citizenship. Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press.Google Scholar

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