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Singular Integral Operators and Elliptic Boundary-Value Problems. Part I

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The monograph consists of three parts. Part I is presented here. In this monograph, we develop a new approach (mainly based on papers of the author). Many results are published for the first time here.

Chapter 1 is introductory. It provides the necessary background from functional analysis (for completeness). In this monograph, we mostly use weighted HÖlder spaces; they are considered in Chap. 2. Chapter 3 plays the key role: in weighted HÖlder spaces, we consider estimates of integral operators with homogeneous difference kernels, covering potential-type integrals and singular integrals as well as Cauchy-type integrals and double layer potentials. In Chap. 4, similar estimates in weighted Lebesgue spaces are proved.

Integrals with homogeneous difference kernels will play an important role in Part III of the monograph, which will be devoted to elliptic boundary-value problems. They naturally arise in integral representations of solutions of first-order elliptic systems in terms of fundamental matrices or their parametrices. The investigation of boundary-value problems for second-order and higher-order elliptic equations or systems is reduced to first-order elliptic systems.

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Translated from Sovremennaya Matematika. Fundamental’nye Napravleniya (Contemporary Mathematics. Fundamental Directions), Vol. 63, No. 1, Functional Analysis, 2017.

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