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On Products of Weierstrass Sigma Functions

  • A. A. IllarionovEmail author
We prove the following result. Let f : ℂ ℂ be an even entire function. Assume that there exist 𝛼j, βj : ℂ with
$$ f\left(x+y\right)f\left(x-y\right)=\sum \limits_{\mathrm{j}=1}^4{\alpha}_j(x){\beta}_j(y),\kern0.5em x,y\in \mathbb{C}. $$

Then f(z) = σL(z) · σΛ(z) · eAz2+C where L and Λ are lattices in ℂ, σL is the Weierstrass sigma function associated with the lattice L, and A,C ∈ ℂ.


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  1. 1.Khabarovsk Division of the Institute for Applied Mathematics and Pacific National UniversityKhabarovskRussia

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