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Earthquake precursory signatures in electromagnetic radiation measurements in terms of day-to-day fractal spectral exponent variation: analysis of the eastern Aegean 13/04/2017–20/07/2017 seismic activity

  • Demetrios CantzosEmail author
  • Dimitrios Nikolopoulos
  • Ermioni Petraki
  • Panayotis Yannakopoulos
  • Constantinos Nomicos


The recent seismic activity in the eastern Aegean Sea, foregrounded by two major (ML = 6.1 and ML = 6.2) earthquakes occurring near Lesvos and Kos islands, respectively, is investigated in this work. Electromagnetic radiation measurements across different frequency bands and antenna orientations from a monitoring station in Agia Paraskevi, Lesvos Island, are analysed in order to reveal earthquake precursory signatures hidden in the electromagnetic data sequence. A straightforward, data-driven approach is employed in which day-to-day variations of the fractal characteristics of the measurements are adaptively monitored via a fractal spectral exponent similarity measure. The evolution of the fractal day-to-day variation in a 99-day period, which includes the two major earthquakes, shows a sustained, sudden increase lasting 1 to 4 days before every earthquake cluster of ML = 4.0 and above. Most importantly, this day-to-day variation subsides shortly after and remains relatively low during the absence of earthquakes, thus alleviating the emergence of false alarms.


Earthquake precursors Remote sensing Radiation monitoring Fractal analysis 


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  3. 3.Department of Electronic EngineeringTEI of AthensAigaleoGreece

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