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Structural, Electrical, and Magnetic Properties of Ferrite-Reinforced PANI Composites

  • Muhammad AjmalEmail author
  • M.U. Islam
Original Paper


A Y-type hexagonal ferrite with chemical composition CaBaCo2In0.5Fe11.5O22 was prepared by a sol-gel auto combustion technique. Y-ferrite/PANI nanocomposites were prepared by in situ polymerization of PANI with general formula CaBaCo2In0.5Fe11.5O22 (1-x) + PANI (x) (x = 0.30, 0.50, 0.8, and 1) with nomenclature CF1, CF2, CF3, and P respectively. The samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and electrical and magnetic measurements. X-ray diffraction revealed that Y-type ferrite was successfully prepared in a single phase form. DC resistivity increases with increasing ferrite filler in nanocomposites due to large resistive behavior of ferrite in conducting polymer matrix. The dielectric constant, dielectric loss, and AC conductivity decreases with the increase of ferrite content. The dielectric is high due to interfacial polarization at low frequency, and it is low at high frequency following Maxwell-Wagner model. The coercivity increases with the decrease of ferrite filler content whereas saturation magnetization and remanence decreases which is due to random distribution of ferrite filler particles in PANI matrix. Due to large coercivity and low values of ε′ and ε″, the present samples may be useful in recording media and electromagnetic shielding.


Ferrite-polymer nano-composite Activation energy Dielectric constant AC conductivity Magnetization 



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