Optical Properties of Planar and Annular Ternary Superconducting Photonic Crystals in Near-Zero-Permittivity Operation Range

  • K. P. Sreejith
  • Vincent MathewEmail author
Original Paper


Optical properties of ternary superconducting planar/annular photonic crystals composed of a high-temperature superconductor and two dielectrics were theoretically investigated based on transfer matrix methods in Cartesian and cylindrical coordinates. Electrodynamics of superconductor were modelled using two-fluid model. It is of interest to observe that, for a planar structure, there exists an additional high reflectance band termed as superpolariton gap near the superconducting threshold wavelength for the TM wave at oblique incidences and some reflection dips also were found in the TM reflectance. However, the superpolariton gap and reflection dips were seen for an annular geometry at higher order azimuthal number. For an annular structure, the size of superpolariton gap can be controlled by simply adjusting the starting radius. Moreover, the superpolariton gap in both structures strongly depends on the operating temperature, different combinations of dielectric refractive indices, and thicknesses of dielectric materials.


Photonic crystal Annular Superconductor Superpolariton 



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