Novel Experimental Approach to Obtain the Oxygen-Deficient LaBaCaCu3Oy Superconductor Compound

  • M. H. AradaEmail author
  • A. Amira
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This work presents a novel approach based on the nitrate decomposition method for the preparation the oxygen-deficient LaBaCaCu3Oy (La1113) compound. The XRD results reveal the presence of the triple perovskite structure LaBaCaCu3Oy as a dominant phase crystallizing in the tetragonal system with the space group P4/mmm. The SEM observation shows a low porosity and EDAX data indicates the presence of the basic elements of the phase. The superconducting character of the compound is confirmed by AC susceptibility measurements with Tc = 63 K even if the samples are not treated under oxygen atmosphere.


Nitrate decomposition method X-ray diffraction (XRD) Energy-dispersive analysis with X-rays (EDAX) Superconductors 



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