Crystal Structure, Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Half-Doped Chromium Manganite La0.5Sr0.5Mn0.5Cr0.5O3

  • Nabil KallelEmail author
  • Mohamed Hazzez
  • Nejib Ihzaz
Original Paper


Polycrystalline sample La0.5Sr0.5Mn0.5Cr0.5O3 (LSMCO) was prepared by a conventional solid-state reaction method in the air, and its structure was determined by Rietveld refinement using consistent resolution time-of-flight X-ray diffraction. Different structural models have been used for analysis of X-ray diffraction data recorded at room temperature, but the best fits have been found using a mixture of rhombohedral and an orthorhombic structural phases (42(1)%/57(1)%). The rhombohedral, centro-symmetric space group R\( \overline{3} \)c \( \left(\mathrm{No}.167,a\approx \sqrt{2}{a}_p,c\approx 2\sqrt{3}{a}_p,Z=6\right) \) with octahedral tilting scheme aaa leading to a three identical out-of-phase tilt angle of (Mn/Cr)-O6 octahedron along three perovskite main directions: x, y, and z-axes. The orthorhombic space group Pbnm \( \left(\mathrm{No}.62,a\approx b\approx \sqrt{2}{a}_p,c\approx 2{a}_p,Z=4\right) \) with octahedral tilting scheme aac+, leads to an anti-phase tilts of the same magnitude about [100] and [010] directions of the elementary specimen cell and in-phase tilt of different magnitude about the [001] direction. At low temperature 10 K, Rietveld refinement of powder diffraction data revealed that the crystal structure of sample is distorted with a single orthorhombic symmetry (space group Pbnm). Magnetic measurements indicate that our investigated sample exhibits an overall anti-ferromagnetic behavior mainly attributed to the frustration induced by both competing AFM Cr3+-O-Cr3+, Mn4+-O-Mn4+ networks, and the mixed one Mn4+-O-Cr3+exchange magnetic interactions. The temperature dependence of the resistivity measured under zero field shows a semi-conducting behavior in the whole temperature range, which probably could be described by the adiabatic small polaron hoping model with relatively high polaron activation energy.


Crystal structure Rietveld analysis Tilt angle Magnetic properties Polaron hoping model 



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