Effects of Sintering Temperature on Microstructural, Magnetic, and Impedance Spectroscopic Properties of Ni0.4Cd0.3Zn0.3Fe2O4 Ferrites

  • Nesrine Mechi
  • Abdulrahman Mallah
  • Sobhi Hcini
  • Mohamed Lamjed BouaziziEmail author
  • Michel Boudard
  • Abdessalem Dhahri
Original Paper


Ni0.4Cd0.3Zn0.3Fe2O4 ferrites have been prepared through the use of sol-gel method at 900 °C and 1100 °C. Rietveld refinements of XRD patterns indicate that the prepared samples crystallize in the cubic spinel structure. Lattice constant and grain size are found to increase with sintering temperature. Magnetic measurements show that the maximum magnetization (Ms) rises, whereas both coercivity (Hc) and remanence (Mr) decrease when increasing the sintering temperature. Frequency and temperature dependence of electrical conductivity, electrical modulus, and electrical impedance have been studied using impedance spectroscopy technique. As the sintering temperature increases, the conductivity of the samples increases. The variation of imaginary part of modulus (M″) displays the presence of an electrical relaxation phenomenon and non-Debye nature. Nyquist representations have been analyzed using an electrical equivalent circuit. The obtained results reveal that the conduction mechanism of the samples is achieved basically of the grain boundary contribution.


Ferrites Sol-gel method Rietveld refinement Hysteresis loops Electrical properties 


Funding Information

This work was supported by the Deanship of Scientific Research at Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University under the research Project Number 2017/01/7373.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Nesrine Mechi
    • 1
  • Abdulrahman Mallah
    • 2
  • Sobhi Hcini
    • 1
  • Mohamed Lamjed Bouazizi
    • 3
    Email author
  • Michel Boudard
    • 4
  • Abdessalem Dhahri
    • 5
    • 6
  1. 1.Faculty of Science and Technology of Sidi BouzidUniversity of KairouanSidi BouzidTunisia
  2. 2.Department of Chemistry, College of ScienceQassim UniversityBuraydahSaudi Arabia
  3. 3.College of EngineeringPrince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz UniversityAl KharjSaudi Arabia
  4. 4.LMGP, CNRSUniversity of Grenoble AlpesGrenobleFrance
  5. 5.Faculty of Sciences of Monastir, Department of Physics, Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of MaterialsUniversity of MonastirMonastirTunisia
  6. 6.Al-Qunfudah University CollegeUmm Al-Qura UniversityAl-QunfudahSaudi Arabia

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