Precision Measurements of the AC Field Dependence of the Superconducting Transition in Strontium Titanate

  • Chloe Herrera
  • Ilya SochnikovEmail author
Original Paper


Strontium titanate has resurfaced as a material prompting vigorous debate about the origin of its superconductivity in the extremely low carrier concentration regime. Here, we used simultaneous AC susceptibility and transport methods to explore the superconducting phase transition region in this material. We determined that strontium titanate is extremely sensitive to even small AC fields, which also influence the resistive transition; we suggest that extreme vortex sizes and mobilities contribute to this large effect. Our findings will be of importance for accurately determining transition temperature, informing the debate about the pairing mechanism in strontium titanate, for which even millikelvin errors may be critical.


Oxide superconductors Quantum phase transitions Strain tuning of superconductivity 



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