Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism

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Correction to: Spin State of Cobalt and Electrical Transport Mechanism in MgCo2O4 System

  • Arooj Fatima SyedaEmail author
  • Muhammad Nasir Khan

Correction to: J Supercond Nov Magn (2018) 31: 3545–3551

Some corrections are needed in original article.

In Fig.4 ρ vs T there is a mistake in vertical axis text label it should be ρ*102(Ωcm) instead of ρ (Ωcm). This is a typing mistake and it shows the less magnitude of resistivity. There is no mistake in insets (a) and (b) of Fig.4.

In caption of Fig.3 (c) the hysteresis observed at H = 0 T instead of H = T

In caption of Fig.4 measured temperature range mentioned is 5-750 K but it should be 77-750 K.

These corrections will not affect the discussions and conclusion.

The author apologizes for this inconvenience.

Fig. 4

Temperature dependent of electrical resistivity showing semiconducting behavior in the entire measured temperature range 77–750 K. Inset (a) shows the thermal activation model and inset (b) shows Mott’s variable-range hopping model in the low temperature region

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