A Comparative Study on Microstructures, Magnetic Features and Morphologies of Ternary Fe–Co–Ni Alloy Thin Films Electrochemically Fabricated at Different Deposition Potentials

  • Umut SaracEmail author
  • Malik Kaya
  • M. Celalettin Baykul
Original Paper


Electrochemically fabricated ternary Fe–Co–Ni alloy thin films with different chemical compositions were obtained at different deposition potentials. An increase in the deposition potential increased the Ni content while it decreased the Co and Fe contents in the film structure. An anomalous co-deposition behaviour was also studied and the anomalous order of co-deposition was found to be Fe–Ni > Co–Ni > Fe–Co irrespective of deposition potential. Structural characterizations confirmed the presence of single face-centred cubic (fcc) phase structure with [111] preferred crystallographic orientation for all films. The size of the crystallites and the texture degree increased with increasing applied deposition potential. Smaller globular particles occurred on the surface structure of the film fabricated at higher deposition potentials compared to those grown at lower deposition potentials. A decrement detected in the coercive field with increasing applied deposition potential was related to the variations occurred in the chemical composition and the particle size.


Ternary Fe–Co–Ni thin films Morphologies Magnetic features Texture degree Anomalous co-deposition Applied deposition potential 



The authors thank Çağdaş Denizli, Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Turkey, for technical help during the AFM measurements.


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  1. 1.Department of Science EducationBartın UniversityBartınTurkey
  2. 2.Vocational School of Health ServiceEskişehir Osmangazi UniversityEskişehirTurkey
  3. 3.Department of Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringEskişehir Osmangazi UniversityEskişehirTurkey

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