Laser Source Influence on the Preferential Growth and the Inversion Degree in Pulsed Laser CoFe2O4 Films

  • E. López-Moreno
  • H. MontielEmail author
  • A. Conde
  • G. Alvarez
Original Paper


A comparative study between cobalt ferrite films deposited by pulsed laser deposition as a function of the laser sources, 355 nm (Nd:YAG) and 248 nm (KrF excimer), on amorphous quartz (AQ) and < 100 > -oriented silicon wafer (SW) at different temperatures (650–800 C) is presented. Also, a quantitative estimation of the preferential crystalline growth orientation as laser source function was made by means of Lotgering factor and Harris texture coefficient, which were obtained from XRD patterns. The inversion degree in spinel-type structure for cobalt ferrite films was calculated through a deconvolution in Raman spectra, where the band A1g vibrating modes in tetrahedral sites were associated with Fe and Co sites (687 and 611 cm−1, respectively). Additionally, saturation magnetization was also calculated from the inversion degree obtained from deconvolution of the Raman spectra in CoFe2O4 films, being compared with experimental results, which is in a good agreement with cobalt ferrite bulk, and we also correlated the preferential growth and the particle size with increment of the coercive field.


CoFe2O4 films Raman spectroscopy Spinel inversion degree 



The authors acknowledge the LUCE for the Raman measurements, and Carlos Flores Morales (IIM-UNAM) and Adriana Tejeda Cruz (IIM-UNAM) for the AFM and GIXRD measurements, respectively. We like to thank C. Sanchez-Aké for providing the PLD system and R. Sato for the discussion. Finally, E. López-Moreno thanks the CONACyT, Mexico, for the scholar grant no. 255468.

Funding Information

This work was financially supported by the DGAPA-UNAM, through the PAPIIT grant no. IG100517.


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