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Observation of Room-Temperature Range Magnetocaloric Effect in PrSr1−xPbxMn2O6 (0.4 ≤ x ≤ 0.6) Double-Perovskite Manganite System

  • Ali Osman AyaşEmail author
Original Paper


The Pr(Sr1−xPbx)Mn2O6 (0.4 ≤ x ≤ 0.6) double-perovskite manganite samples have been produced by using a sol-gel method. The Rietveld refinement method has been used to analyse the structural properties, and the results show that all samples are crystallized in monoclinic structure with P21/n space group without any impurity phase. The temperature dependence of magnetization measurement shows that samples exhibit paramagnetic to ferromagnetic phase transition by decreasing temperature. The values of the \(T_{\mathrm {C}}\) are determined as 286, 280 and 278 K for \(x =\) 0.4, 0.5 and 0.6 in Pr(Sr1−xPbx)Mn2O6 samples, respectively. Isothermal applied magnetic field-dependent magnetization curves are used to determine both order of magnetic phase transition and magnetic entropy change (ΔSM) value. \(-\)ΔSM values are found as 3.68, 3.15 and 2.85 J kg− 1 K− 1 for PSPM-4, PSPM-5 and PSPM-6 samples, respectively. Additionally, magnetic phase transition of the samples is identified as second-order magnetic phase transition that indicates accompanying small thermal and magnetic hysteresis to the samples during the phase transition. Relative cooling power (RCP) values are determined as 282, 233 and 268 J kg− 1 for PSPM-4, PSPM-5 and PSPM-6 samples, respectively.


Magnetic cooling Magnetocaloric effect Magnetic entropy change Relative cooling power Curie temperature Double-perovskite manganites 



I would like to thank Dr. Selda Kılıç Çetin, Dr. Mustafa Akyol and Dr. Ahmet Ekicibil for their valuable discussion.

Funding Information

This work is supported by the Research Fund of Adıyaman University, Adıyaman, Turkey, under grant contract no. TFMAP/2017-0001.


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