Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism

, Volume 31, Issue 8, pp 2329–2337 | Cite as

Pinning-Induced Vortex-System Disordering at the Origin of the Second Magnetization Peak in Superconducting Single Crystals

  • A. M. Ionescu
  • D. Miu
  • A. Crisan
  • L. MiuEmail author
Original Paper


The nature of the second magnetization peak (SMP) appearing on the dc magnetic hysteresis curves of superconducting single crystals with random pinning is still under debate. Many interesting SMP models and mechanisms were proposed and considered so far, and it is believed at present that this effect is system dependent. We analyzed the dc magnetization curves and the magnetic relaxation in the SMP domain for various single-crystal specimens (superconducting cuprates and iron-based superconductors), of different pinning strengths, with the external magnetic field H oriented along the crystallographic c axis or perpendicular to it. The sample independent aspects revealed by the relaxation results are the absence of single-vortex collective pinning around the SMP onset field and the sign changing of the vortex creep exponent between the onset field and the peak field. This general behavior supports strongly the pinning-induced disordering of the low-H quasi-ordered vortex solid as the actual scenario for the SMP.


Superconducting single crystals Second magnetization peak Magnetization relaxation Pinning-induced vortex system disordering 



The work was supported by the projects POC P_37_697 (28/2016) and PED (88/2017). We thank Y. Koike and T. Tamegai for providing us with the single-crystal specimens. The kind assistance of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is gratefully acknowledged.


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  1. 1.National Institute of Materials PhysicsBucharest-MagureleRomania
  2. 2.Faculty of PhysicsUniversity of BucharestBucharest-MagureleRomania
  3. 3.National Institute of Laser, Plasma, and Radiation PhysicsBucharest-MagureleRomania

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