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Consecutive Three-Wave Mixing in Optical Superlattices at a Backward Second-Harmonic Wave

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In the constant-intensity approximation, we analyze the nonlinear quasiphase-matched frequency doubling and tripling in the case of a backward second-harmonic wave. The third harmonic conversion efficiency for different orders of the quasiphase matching is analytically calculated. We show that there exists an optimum value of the ratio of nonlinear coefficients (β32)opt and find that the conversion maximum η3 = 0.12 is reached at (β32)opt = 0.667, which is consistent with the result of the numerical calculation. Also we provide recommendations for designing optical superlattices from new prospective materials for efficient frequency converters.

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Kasumova, R.J., Tagiev, Z.H., Kerimova, N.V. et al. Consecutive Three-Wave Mixing in Optical Superlattices at a Backward Second-Harmonic Wave. J Russ Laser Res (2020). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10946-020-09847-z

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  • quasiphase matching
  • constant-intensity approximation
  • frequency doubling and tripling