TiO2-pillared magadiite and its arsenic adsorption capacity

  • Sarah Louise S. Atulba
  • Jeong Hun Jang
  • Man ParkEmail author


The structural and chemical interactions of magadiite with TiO2 pillars were examined along with arsenic adsorption potential of TiO2-pillared magadiite. The interlayer space of magadiite accommodated TiO2 in the form of moieties rather than discrete particles, which led to a slight increase in interlayer distance and consequently a remarkable formation of micropores (a specific surface area of 270 m2/g). High thermal stability up to 800 °C and increased interlayer space were attributed to the formation of Ti–O–Si bonding (966 cm−1) between interlayered silanol groups and TiO2 pillars. TiO2-pillared magadiite removed up to 100% of As(V) from aqueous solution at the initial concentrations of 0.5–1.0 mg L−1. These unique structural and textural evolutions of magadiite upon pillaring with TiO2 provide new insights to understand the pillaring behaviors of hydrated layered polysilicates and to fabricate pillared materials applicable to arsenate adsorption.


Pillaring behavior Magadiite Titanium dioxide Arsenate adsorption 



This study was supported by Kyungpook National University in Korea.


The funding was provided by Kyungpook National University.

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  • Sarah Louise S. Atulba
    • 1
  • Jeong Hun Jang
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  • Man Park
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