Layer by Layer Photo-Cross-Linked Environmental Functional hydrogel Thin Films Based on Vanillin: Part 3

  • Momen S. A. AbdelatyEmail author
Original paper


The present work emphasizes the preparation of new monomer from the family of vanillin acrylate. It has been prepared in two steps the name of the final product is [2-((ditert-butylamino) methyl)-4-formyl-6-methoxyphenyl acrylate] and abbreviated by TBAMVA, both products were evaluated by 1H, 13C NMR and FTIR and they were in the logic case with the chemical structure. The next step was the preparation of three different pH and temperature responsive copolymers by free radical polymerization of 5, 10, 20 mol% of TBAMVA and 5 mol% of maleimide photo-cross-linker with N-isopropylacrylamide. Polymers were chemically and physically characterized indicating the presence of the aldehyde group in the main chain. The lower critical solution temperature of polymers has been determined by two methods; the first one using turbidity measurements by UV–Vis Spectroscopy, another method using micro-DSC. The last step was the formation of pH-Temperature responsive hydrogel layer over gold and studying the swelling properties response to pH and temperature using surface plasmon resonance with the optical waveguide. In the present work, we focused on synthesizing new environmental functional polymers and hydrogel thin films used as biosensor as a target for many biological molecules in biosynthesis, drug delivery, and bio-separation.


Environmental polymers Functional Photo-cross-linked Hydrogel layers Vanillin 



The authors are grateful acknowledge to Egyptian culture and missions, and The Deutscher Akademischer Austauch (DAAD) for financial assistance during the post doctor work in Germany of Momen S.A. Abdelaty.

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