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Effect of Sodium Alginate Content in Acrylic Acid/Sodium Humate/Sodium Alginate Superabsorbent Hydrogel on Removal Capacity of MB and CV Dye by Adsorption

  • Shipra Agnihotri
  • Reena SinghalEmail author
Original Paper


A series of (AAc/SH/NaAlg) superabsorbent hydrogels based on poly Acrylic acid (AAc), sodium humate (SH) and sodium alginate (NaAlg) were prepared by free radical solution copolymerization. The effect of sodium alginate was studied in a range of 20–66 wt%. Synthesized superabsorbent hydrogels (SAHs) were characterized by swelling behavior. Synthesized SAHs were tested as an adsorbent for MB and CV dyes. The binding capacity for MB and CV molecules were 367 mg/g/L and 359 mg/g/L at 380 mg/L respectively, for initial molecules concentration per gram of (AAc/SH/NaAlg) SAHs containing 50 wt% of NaAlg. The adsorption values obeyed Langmuir sorption Isotherm.


Sodium alginate Superabsorbent hydrogels Swelling kinetics Adsorption Dyes 


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  1. 1.Department of Plastic TechnologyHarcourt Butler Technical UniversityKanpurIndia

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