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Latency Control of ICN Enabled 5G Networks

  • Shahin VakiliniaEmail author
  • Halima Elbiaze


5G definition falls broadly into order of achievable data rate and reduction in end-to-end latency. Thanks to emerging technologies many features are available in the 5G design to detect, control and avoid congestion in the backhaul networks. In fact, 5G results from the conjunction of several recent technological developments, chief among them the re-purposing of next generation of wireless networks for large-scale functional connectivity and carrying of massive heterogeneous contents. For instance, information centric networks, as a promising candidate for the wireless caching architecture, can cache the contents and prohibits traffic avalanche entering the backhaul via content-based networking. The main objective of this paper is to minimize latency in 5G backhaul networks. The contribution of this paper is a twofold: (a) a distributed algorithm at the back-haul switches is proposed to detect and handle the congestion temporarily and locally with considering the fairness, IP friendliness, latency and convergence time. (b) an SDN-based centralized algorithm is proposed to treat the congestion via dynamic route selection, load-balancing, the orchestration of heterogeneous RBS components.


5G Congestion avoidance Latency ICN Caching MEC C-RAN SDN 



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  2. 2.Département d’informatiqueUniversité de Québec à Montréal (UQAM)MontrealCanada

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