Evaluation of Acoustic Emission Source Location in Long Steel Pipes for Continuous and Semi-continuous Sources

  • M. F. ShehadehEmail author
  • A. H. Elbatran
  • Ahmed Mehanna
  • J. A. Steel
  • R. L. Reuben


Acoustic emission (AE) is a commercially-available technique used for structural health monitoring in large structures such as pipeline systems. It is a passive technique that relies on AE and can be generated in continuous and/or burst form (semi-continuous), recorded at one or more sensors with known positions. In truly continuous emission, the source has little or no temporal structure, making it difficult to identify the departure time of a source. In this research, the focus of the analysis was to evaluate distortions of AE continuous and semi-continuous sources in time and frequency domains and to examine how attenuation compares with a discontinuous on long steel pipe. Two different methods have generated artificial, relatively white, sources; continuous AE from a compressed air jet, and semi-continuous signals using a solenoid valve to modulate the air jet. Several arrays have been used to study axial and circumferential propagation, and a combination of time (energy-based) and frequency (time-based) domain processing has been used to develop generic approaches for source location. It is concluded that an energy-based technique combining a digital filter applied to the more heavily attenuated spectral component is more effective in location continuous emission, while semi-continuous signals are more effectively dealt with using cross-correlation applied to a less heavily attenuated spectral component to determine the arrival time of a recognizable time segment. Moreover, it has been observed that the distinction between axial and circumferential propagation of AE is less significant in long pipes.


Acoustic emission Continuous Semi-continuous Cross-correlation Attenuation 



The lead author (MFS) is grateful to Heriot-Watt University for providing a scholarship which enabled this work to be done, and to AASTMT for support.


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  • A. H. Elbatran
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  • Ahmed Mehanna
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