Automatic Detection Algorithm for Atrial Fibrillation Based on Atrial Fibrillation and Suspicious Boundary of Sinus Rhythm

  • Hailing Cui
  • Ning DongEmail author
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With the approaching of the aging of the population in China, the risk of heart disease increases with age. Atrial fibrillation as a common heart disease has seriously affected people’s lives and health. A study of atrial fibrillation, dynamic electrocardiogram is usually used to analyze atrial fibrillation. But the accuracy of this analytical method may be artificially disturbed, which causes errors in the process of data analysis. Therefore, the computation analysis is carried by combining the automatic detection algorithm. By using the calculation of computer algorithm, the accuracy of data analysis of dynamic electrocardiogram can be increased. And through the test of automatic detection algorithm, the effectiveness of the algorithm can be found.


Dynamic electrocardiogram Atrial fibrillation Automatic detection algorithm 


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