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Weaker conditions for inexact mutitpoint Newton-like methods

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In this paper we study the problem of analyzing the convergence both local and semilocal of inexact Newton-like methods for approximating the solution of an equation in which there exists nondifferentiability. We will impose conditions, to ensure that the method converges, are weaker than in the ones imposed in previous results. The theoretical results shown in this study are applied to a chemical application in order to be proven.

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Research supported in part by Programa de Apoyo a la investigación de la fundación Séneca-Agencia de Ciencia y Tecnología de la Región de Murcia 20928/PI/18 and by Spanish MINECO Project PGC2018-095896-B-C21.

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Correspondence to Lara Orcos.

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  • Inexact Newton-like methods
  • Unified convergence
  • Nondifferentiable equation
  • Weaker conditions