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Superconducting Resonators with Niobium and \({\mathrm{YBa}_{2}\mathrm{Cu}_{3}O_{7-{\delta }}}\) for Alpha-Particle Detectors


For high-energy particle detection at temperatures above 1 K, we investigated two superconducting films: niobium (Nb) and a high-temperature superconductor, namely \({\mathrm{YBa}}_2{\mathrm{Cu}}_3{\mathrm{O}}_{7-\delta }\) (YBCO). Lumped element kinetic inductance detectors (LeKID) were fabricated using both the superconducting films. The alpha line (5.49 MeV emitted by Am-241) was irradiated from the top side of the devices. We observed only a very rapid signal from the YBCO-based LeKID, which cannot be attributed to a quasiparticle response because it is much faster than the resonator ring time (\(\sim 1\,{\upmu }\)s). Although the quality factor and noise level of the YBCO-based device were comparable to those of the Nb-base LeKID, the signal was suppressed because of the large gap energy and short quasiparticle lifetime. The performance of the Nb-based LeKID was consistent with expectations: The energy resolution was 17, and the decay time was approximately 1 \({\upmu }\)s. We distinguished between direct absorption events and phonon-mediated events.

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This work was supported in part by JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (A) 25706029.

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Correspondence to M. Naruse.

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  • LeKID
  • Phonon-mediated KID
  • Alpha ray