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LiteBIRD Cryogenic Chain: 100 mK Cooling with Mechanical Coolers and ADRs

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LiteBIRD is a JAXA-led L-Class mission aimed at the study of B-mode polarization of the cosmic microwave background. Measurements on 15 bandwidth from 34 to 448 GHz are made on two instruments, low-frequency telescope and medium- and high-frequency telescope. To reach the desired sensitivities, more than 4500 transition edge sensors detectors, used on both instruments, will be continuously cooled to 100 mK. The cryogenic design based on shield cooling and mechanical coolers is presented in this paper. Shield cooling will be done with passive cooling and 15 K pulse tube coolers. A single cryogenic chain will cool both instruments. A 4 K stage is cooled by a 4He Joule–Thomson cooler from Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, pre-cooled by Stirling coolers. Multistage adiabatic demagnetization refrigerator will be optimized to provide continuous cooling at 1.75 K, 300 mK and 100 mK with 2.2 µW of cooling power on the latter stage. Seven ADR stages provided by NASA (USA) and CEA (France) are required. Details on the thermal design, preliminary sizing and expected performance are presented.

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