Thermal Entanglement in the Quantum XXZ Model in Triangular and Bilayer Honeycomb Lattices

  • L. S. LimaEmail author


Thermal entanglement is studied in the frustrated two-dimensional Heisenberg model in triangular and honeycomb lattices employing linear spin waves. Our results display a strong effect of the coupling parameters of next-nearest neighbors interaction \(\alpha =J'/J\) on entanglement at \(T\rightarrow 0\) , where the spin Hall conductivity is nonzero for a value of external field H. We employ linear spin waves to investigate the entanglement with T and next-nearest neighbor interaction \(J'\). For the bilayer honeycomb lattice, we analyze the entanglement as a function of inter-chain coupling \(J^{\perp }\), and in this case we find that the entanglement tends to zero at \(T=0\), where it decreases with \(J^{\perp }\) for higher temperatures.


Thermal entanglement Phase transition Frustrated Heisenberg model 



This work was supported in part by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development.


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