The Sub-mK Transition of CeCu\(_{6}\) in a New Light

  • Erwin SchuberthEmail author


Following our recent discovery of superconductivity in YbRh\(_2\)Si\(_2\)  at 2 mK, nearly coinciding with a hybrid electronic–nuclear magnetic moment ordering (Schuberth et al. in Science 351:485, 2016), we re-analyzed previous data on the magnetic susceptibility of CeCu\(_{6}\) at ultra-low temperatures. We found that there is a direct analogy between the magnetic susceptibilities of both compounds which raises the question if there is the same hybrid transition in CeCu\(_{6}\), possibly also followed by superconductivity. Data taken some 20 years ago by groups in Garching and at Cornell University revealed an antiferromagnetic transition around 3 mK and further anomalies around 0.5 mK, very similar to the case of YbRh\(_2\)Si\(_2\). If the above speculation is correct, it would suggest that superconductivity is a general phenomenon, occurring even in a heavy-fermion compound like CeCu\(_{6}\) which for a long time was considered as “non-ordering.”


Heavy-fermion systems Superconductivity Magnetic phase transitions 



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  1. 1.Technische Universität MünchenGarchingGermany

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